Some basic control operations

Here are some basic controls you should know:

• Temperature control

This manipulates the air conditioner to provide target temperature. Normally you just set the desired room temperature with the remote control. The regulator will measure the indoor temperature and adjust the output of the air conditioner accordingly.

• Fan speed

The fan will circulate air that is cooled or heated around the room. Look for indoor units with wide airflow range and high fan speeds: from very high – which helps cool down very quickly, very low – for less noise and less annoying wind when you have the right temperature.

• operating mode

– Automatic: Automatically selects the mode needed to keep the room at the selected temperature.

– Cool: Cool.

– Heat: heating, heating.

– Dry: điều hòa nhật bãi an phúc Lightly dry. Provide a bit of cooling, but not as much as the cooling mode.

Fan only: Blowing air without heating, cooling or drying, this is useful when all you want is the cool breeze.

– Economy: Also known as Eco mode, this mode reduces the power consumption. Different brands perform this function in different ways. It can simply reduce the cooling output or heat by adjusting the temperature one or two, or it can use the sensor to detect if no one is in the room and then reduce the cooling / warm.

• Sensing human presence

This mode helps to find out if someone is really in the room, letting the air conditioner continue to work. When no one is detected, the device can switch to save mode to reduce power consumption.

Some models even direct the movement of air to the perceptual location of people for cooling or heating, mainly focusing on areas actually being used.

• Sleep mode

This function adjusts the temperature step by step, to the comfort level to sleep so the air conditioner is not working (and more quietly) when you are sleeping.

• Adjustable air swing (air swing)

You direct them up for cool air and down for warmth. Adjustable wind direction via remote control for most models. Left and right adjustments help direct the air where it is particularly needed.

Other features depending on the model, you learn thoroughly in the manual included with the machine or call to Electro Refrigeration for support. Dear!

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